How do I become a PSL distributor?

Does PSL design-in reliability or does Solais test for reliability?

Does PSL accept credit cards?

Which LED chips are used in PSL products?

What precautions are taken to ensure the appropriate LED is selected?

Is PSL registered as a DOE Quality Advocate?

How does PSL address the stocking issues that often plague other LED lamp manufacturers?

PowerSecure Lighting, Solais, EnergyLite, EfficientLights Ė Iím confused! What is going on?

How do I know I can trust PSLís claims when virtually all LED manufacturers claim to have the best product?

Will PSL warrant their lamps in an IC rated housing?

What dimmer works best with Solais brand lamps and fixtures?

Can Solais brand lamps be used in recessed and/or track lighting applications?

Are Solais brand products difficult to install?

Do PSL products have a damp or wet rating?

Do PSL products contain any lead or mercury?

Does PSL provide a warranty for its products?

Why should I buy a Solais brand product instead of a CFL?

How do I know if I can use Solais brand products in my home/office?

Why should I buy a PSL LED product instead of a halogen?

Why should I buy a PSL product instead of a competitor's LED lamp?

How do I get a sample of a PSL product?

How can I get a quote?

What is the return policy at PSL?

Can PSL drop ship an order for us?

Can we order for you directly?

Where can I find pricing for PSL products?

How does PSL handle shipping costs?

Does PSL ship internationally?

What is the lead time for products that are not in stock?

Does PSL take custom orders?

Is PSL designing any products for future release?

Will the .ies file give me accurate foot candle levels for the fixtures?

What prevents the LEDs within Solais products from getting too hot?

Why is active cooling better than passive cooling?

Why is thermal management so important for LED products?

Is active cooling reliable and has it been used elsewhere?

My question hasnít been answered here. Who can I call for further technical support?

What is the expected life of the fan and will I hear it?

How does PSL ensure consistent color between lamps during production?

How does PSL keep the color of its products consistent over time?

How does PSL do its photometric testing?

Why should I buy a Solais LED lamp instead of a ceramic metal halide?

What is Luxiance technology?

What are the benefits of Luxiance thermal management technology?

Do PSLís products use LEDs that have been LM80 tested?

What is ETL and how does it compare to UL?

Are PSL products certified by a third party such as UL, ETL, or cUL?

Two of our new product lines are now available to order!
The XC3, XC5 and XC7 modular cylinders come in a variety of finishes and mounting options. The WW asymmetrical track wall wash fixtures come in two sizes. Yoke mount versions are coming soon!